10 Best Ad Blockers and Extensions

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Don't you just get tired and irritated at times by closing all those unnecessary ads on your screen? While online advertisement is a great thing, there are times when it really starts bugging users. Thankfully, there are lots of Google ad blocker tools that are readily available. They can certainly make your browsing experience a pleasant one, without letting you deal with those cumbersome ads. Let's start this year by upgrading your browsers with some of the best Google adblocker tools that we handpicked for you!


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Top 10 Google Ad Blockers and Extensions You Deserve


1. AdBlock Plus

With the help of Adblock Plus, you can surf the internet without letting any kind of advertisement blocking your content. It can block pop-ups, malware, and any other kind of banner or placed advertisement. One of the best things about Adblock Plus is that it is an open source tool. It is freely available and can be customized as per your needs.


It is one of the most widely used Google Adblock tools that can give you a superior social media experience. It already supports almost every major browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. It already comes with the option of setting custom filters and additional block listing.


AdBlock Plus


2. AdBlock for Chrome

It is another popular Google ad blocker tool that is sure to make your life a whole lot easier. They might have similar names, but Adblock and Adblock Plus are not connected to each other. Used by over 40 million users, it was initially designed just for Chrome. You can download it from Chrome store. Though, it has recently launched a version for Opera and Safari as well.


Adblock use different kinds of filters to make sure that you browse only safe and protected content. It filters content from different providers and display only the default blocks to its users. With it, you can also block certain websites easily.


3. Ad Muncher

Ad Muncher is a comprehensive Google adblocker software that will let you browse the web safely without facing any trouble in between. The tool is freely available, though you can make a wilful donation on its website. It supports almost every popular web browser out there like Opera, Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, etc. 


Just download the software, configure it, and let it function in the background. It has an inbuilt filter mechanism that will certainly save your time and resources a lot. Not just for personal use, it can also be used by various firms to save their bandwidth. It can also prevent your system from getting unwanted malware.


Ad Muncher


4. uBlock Origin

If you are really particular about the kind of content that gets displayed on your screen, then you should definitely try this futuristic and highly secure Google adblock tool. It currently has various extensions for popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. This lightweight extension is memory-efficient and will make sure that your screen won’t get cluttered with unwanted content. 


Fast and responsive, it can block real-time ads, pop-ups, etc. Also, it will improve the overall security of your system by blocking sneaky tracking or overheads. To get it, you can either visit its official website or a respective extension store in your browser.


uBlock Origin


5. 1Blocker

After protecting your desktop or laptop, it is time to make sure that your smartphones won’t get exposed to unwanted content. There is only one thing worse than getting all those unwanted ads on a big screen and that is being bombarded with unwanted content on the small screen of your phone. With 1Blocker, you can ensure that your phone screen won’t display any irrelevant content.


The app is currently available for iOS and Mac (Safari 10). It is considered as one of the most powerful ad blockers out there and will let you customize it without any trouble. You can additionally track scripts and save your battery life by blocking a desired content. Earlier it was a paid app, but as of now, the app can be downloaded for free with an added premium support for unlimited blocking.




6. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is one of the smartest and most reliable browser extensions, which is currently available for Opera, Chrome, and Firefox. The tool has been created by the Tor Project and the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). As the name suggests, this powerful extension can encrypt the web pages that you open and rewrite them into the HTTPS version. This is to strengthen the security limit on your system.


Originally created to provide a safe and secure online space for its users, it automatically blocks ads and any other kind of malware content that can harm your system. This Google adblocker has gained a highly positive reception from experts and users.


HTTPS Everywhere


7. NoScript

NoScript is another widely used Google adblocker that can block an unwanted Java, ja_x_vascript, or any other plug-in file that can cause a malware attack on your system. The extension is currently available for Mozilla Firefox and remains active during the entire browsing session.


The extension has a power to block a global script and can let you manually add websites and sources that you want to block. The tool is highly customizable in nature and is freely available. You can always donate something to the tool on its official website.




8. AdGuard

AdGuard is a highly sophisticated and advanced Google adblock software that is currently available for Windows, Mac, and Android. After installing the software on your device, you can simply use it with any other browser. It comes with a 14-day free trial. After that, you can always buy its premium version for as less as around $25 a year.


This advanced ad blocker works on all web browsers and comes with a dedicated support. With its amazing website code filtering method, it can let you have a secure browsing experience while protecting your device from any malware.




9. Ghostery

Ghostery is another widely used Google ad blocker that will certainly enhance your digital experience. The browser extension is available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE, and Safari, and can be downloaded for free from its official website. It can block cookies as well as any other kind of advertisement from a web page or even popular social media platforms.


From detecting of hidden scripts to the availability of an opt-out option, this is a complete ad blocking tool that will certainly bring a difference in the way you browse the internet.




10. Privacy Badger

Developed by EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Privacy Badger will make sure that any spying ads or invisible trackers won’t tamper with your privacy. It is one of the safest ways for you to browse the web without giving away your details. Available for Firefox and Chrome, it is considered as the Google adblock tool of the future, which won’t allow any third-party tracker to hinder your digital experience.




It has an inbuilt learning algorithm, which keeps evolving itself with time and will make sure that no other tracker will get a hold on your online activities.


We are sure that after getting yourself familiar with these Google ad blocker platforms, you can certainly avoid those unnecessary clicks. Save your screen space and create a secure environment on the internet for a pleasant digital experience.


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