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Many times in our life, we need to know exactly where each other is, and at this time we need a phone number tracker. If you are looking for a phone number tracker, you are so lucky to read this article. In this article, we will introduce 4 effective phone number tracker one by one. And you can use a tracker app to track a phone number for free and get someone’s location.


free phone number tracker



There are many phone number trackers on the market. It is not easy to choose a suitable one among so many phone number trackers. Although many phone number trackers claim to be able to monitor phones remotely, most cannot. The four phone number trackers we've introduced are proven and usable.


Part 1. Is there Free Phone Number Tracker on the Market?

Yes, there is free phone number tracker on the market. If a free phone number tracker could be used to solve the problem, that would be great. Some of the software is indeed free, but the function is very single, can not meet your needs, or the software itself is not safe, may carry viruses. Installing such software on mobile phones or computers will have great security risks. So I suggest you don't use the free phone number tracker on the market.


Instead of taking the risk of using the free phone number tracker, use a truly professional phone number tracker like SpyX. It will give you a great user experience!


Part 2. Factors for Choosing App to Track A Phone Number for Free

If you want to monitor someone's phone or location remotely, you're better off using a professional phone number tracker than a free, useless app. So how do you pick the right phone number tracker? What factors should we consider when choosing a phone number tracker?


We collected some phone number tracker responses from various posts, blogs and forums, and sorted out the factors that were repeatedly mentioned, as follows:


● The phone number tracker can support real-time tracking.

● It is totally undetected.

● The phone number tracker should be simple and effective.

● The tool has other tracking features, such as email, photos, installed apps on the target phone.

● The method is safe and reliable, and will not leak the data of target phone to other third-party.


Part 3. 4 Methods to Track A Phone Number for Free

In this part, we will introduce 4 methods to hack a phone number effectively.


Method 1. Use SpyX-The Best Phone Number Tracker

As one of reliable phone number trackers on the market, SpyX ranks top with robust phone tracking features. It is compatible with all iOS devices. Once you log into your SpyX dashboard, you can view all activities on the target phone.





SpyX Features:


● With SpyX phone number tracker, you can track locations in real-time.


● SpyX also allows you to track location history, and you can know previously visited places.


● It support to set Geofencing to restrict the area.


● SpyX can track all text messages, call log, phone calls.


● With SpyX, you can view installed apps and chats via those social media apps.


● It can check browser history of the target phone.


● It can track the target phone remotely without being detected.


Pros of Using SpyX


1. All-in-one Phone Monitoring Solution

As an all-in-one spy app, SpyX supports to track more than 40 types of data, such as social apps, contacts, keyloggers, emails, ect. Once you own SpyX, you can get all activities data of target phone in real time.


2. Undetected

SpyX is hidden and undetected. If you use SpyX to track someone’s phone, you will never worry about being caught. It works in stealth mode. And the target user will not know you are tracking the phone. You login to SpyX dashboard to view data of target phone anonymously.


3. Compatible with All iOS Devices

SpyX is designed for everyone who has demand of tracking someone’s phone remotely. So, SpyX is compatible with all iOS devices. You don’t worry about phone compatibility any more.


4. No Jailbreaking or Rooting

Once you complete 3 steps, you can start remote tracking with SpyX. Jail-breaking or rooting is not required. Because SpyX is use-friendly. And you can operate SpyX smoothly even your are not technician.


5. Safe and Secure

SpyX is 100% safe and secure. And SpyX company will not leak the data of target phone to other platforms or other people. So you don’t worry about the safety of your data or that of your target.


6. Accurate Real-time Location

SpyX enables you to track target’s live location via a map as well as location history. You can know where the target user is and where he has visited recently.


7. Affordable Price

SpyX provides a dozen of tracking features with affordable price. That means you can enjoy robust phone number tracker with reasonable budget. How great SpyX is! Why not choose SpyX now? It is stronger than you imagine.


How to Use SpyX


Step 1. Create SpyX Account

Click ‘TRY NOW” button to sign up free with valid email.




Step 2. Set up SpyX

Choose your suitable pricing plan and bind the target phone by entering iCloud credentials.




Step 3. Start Tracking Phone Number

Log in to your SpyX account and track your phone number from the dashboard.




Method 2. Free Phone Number Tracer

Free Phone Tracer is a website that provides the free phone number tracker services. Use this reverse phone search tool to trace any number. Search through our extensive directory of cellular and landline numbers, and more!


However, it is not totally free. It only offers a free trial. What’s more, it only supports the tracking of US-based numbers.


Free Phone Number Tracer


Method 3. Use Mobile Number Tracker

This is another methods to track a phone number. Mobile Number Tracker offers free services in tracking a phone number within your local area. But it only supports to track Indian number. It is not as good as you imagine. You can view its negative feedbacks. To track target number, you must connect to the network.


Mobile Number Tracker


Method 4. Use GPS Cell Phone Locator

The last free tracker is the GPS Cell Phone Locator. It is a website that offers phone number tracking and is compatible with most devices. It uses the GPS feature to locate a phone numbers location, but it’s not compatible with other browsers, such as Firefox and Symbian.


GPS Cell Phone Locator


Part 4. Conclusion

You can try various methods to track someone’s phone number for free. But most of them are not useful. The article introduces 4 ways you can track a phone number. And SpyX is the most reliable one your should try. With SPyx, you can track all activities on the target phone and keep everything under control. Why not choose the bets phone number tracker? Try SpyX phone number tracker now!

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