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"I only know someone's phone number, can I spy on their iPhone?" Many users may have this question! Is it possible? If so, what data can be monitored on someone's iPhone? If not, are there any easy methods to help you spy on someone's iPhone without them knowing?


If you are troubled by these questions, congratulations, you've come to the right place! This article will focus on your concerns about spying on someone's iPhone with just the phone number. Let's uncover the answers to these questions together!


Part 1. Can I spy on someone's iPhone with just the phone number


Before answering this question, we have to figure out what are all the ways in which you can currently spy on someone's iPhone:


Method 1. iCloud accreditation


Method 2. USB connection and transfer


Method 3. Jailbreak


Method 4. Hacking


Method 1. iCloud accreditation


This method uses cloud account authentication to connect. No software needs to be installed on the target device; remote monitoring is done through cloud authentication.


Method 2. USB connection and transfer


This way should be very easy to understand, that is, you need to use a USB cable to connect the iPhone you want to monitor with your pre-prepared computer, and then transfer the data from the target iPhone to your computer. This method requires you to get the target iPhone for a relatively long time, and the duration of the transfer depends on the amount of data being transferred.


Method 3. Jailbreak


This method requires jailbreaking the target phone and then installing a spy app on it. It is technically challenging, and while some iPhone spy app claims to offer remote jailbreaking support, it is not recommended.


Method 4. Hacking


This way involves hiring a professional hacker to attack someone's iPhone, which is highly unrecommended and illegal!


Based on the methods discussed above, we have concluded that currently, there is no way to spy on someone's iPhone just by entering their phone number.


However, although it's not possible to spy on someone's iPhone just by using a phone number, we can try other simple methods to spy on someone's iPhone without them knowing, such as using iCloud accreditation. This is the only way to remotely and in real-time spy on someone's iPhone without having to access the target iPhone, and SpyX uses this monitoring solution.


Part 2. How to spy on iPhone without knowing the phone number-Using SpyX


2.1. What is SpyX


SpyX is the most powerful iPhone spyware. It can monitor over 30 types of data, such as SMS monitoring, GPS tracking, and viewing WhatsApp chats. You don't need to install any spy app on the target iPhone or physically access it with a USB cable for data transfer. All connections are done through iCloud verification. With SpyX, you can remotely and secretly monitor your children or employees' phone activities in real-time.


Screenshot of SpyX's homepage


2.2. Features of SpyX


  • No need to install any app on the target iPhone.
  • No need for jailbreaking.
  • Doesn't require physical access to the target iPhone for a long time.
  • Easy to use-Connect in 2 steps.
  • Works in hidden mode. No app or icon on the target phone. 100% secure and 100% undetectable.
  • Spy on 30+ apps, such as SMS, GPS location, Contact, Photo, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more.
  • Spy on target device remotely. Once the connection is successful, you can remotely view all the activities of someone's iPhone in the dashboard of SpyX in real time without them knowing.
  • High compatibility: Supports all Android and iOS systems.


2.3. What data can SpyX track


SpyX enables you to spy on all these phone activities.


General features:


Social media:


2.4. Steps of using SpyX to spy on iPhone without them knowing


Step 1. Create a free account with your email.


How to creat an free account in SpyX.


Step 2. Choose the device you want to monitor—select "Android" for an Android phone and "iPhone" for monitoring an iPhone.


Choose the device you want to monitor,iPhone or Android.


Step 3. Start monitoring.


The dashboard of SpyX real user.


Step 4. Spy on the target device.

Now, in Spyx's dashboard, you can spy on the target iPhone remotely. Monitor various data like SMS, Contacts, GPS location, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more.


  • SMS.


Screenshot of SMS chat from SpyX's dashboard


  • Contacts.


Screenshot of Contact from SpyX's dashboard


  • GPS location.


Screenshot of GPS location from SpyX's dashboard


  • WhatsApp.


Screenshot of WhatsApp chats from SpyX's dashboard


  • Instagram.


Screenshot of Instagram from SpyX's dashboard



Part 3. Beware of common scams of spying on iPhone with just the phone number


3.1. Spy on iPhone via IMEI number


The IMEI number, similar to an "ID number," is not unfamiliar to iPhone users. Some articles claim that using the IMEI number can remotely monitor someone's iPhone, but this is not true.


The IMEI number can help you find a lost or stolen iPhone, so if you want to use it to spy on someone's iPhone, it may only satisfy your need to track the iPhone's location, other phone activities, such as messages, photos, videos, browsing history, WhatsApp chats, etc., cannot be monitored.


Further reading: How to use IMEI number to track location.


3.2. Spy on iPhone via Find My iPhone


Find My iPhone is also used to track lost or stolen iPhones. If you're looking for a free location tracker, it may meet your needs, but it cannot help you monitor other phone activities.


3.3. Spy on iPhone via hacking


This method carries legal risks and is strongly discouraged. Additionally, due to the highly secure technical system of iPhones, even hackers with advanced technical skills would find it challenging to succeed.


Part 4. FAQs


Q1. Is it possible to spy on iPhone with just number?


In fact, all apps available on the market can’t spy on iPhone with just number. You need to install an app on the target phone or get the iCloud of target phone or use USB to connect and transfer the data.


Q2. What type of iPhone data can I spy on?


If you spy on the target iPhone with SpyX, you can track 30+ apps, such as SMS, Call, Contact, GPS location, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more.


Q3. Do I need to jailbreak the device to spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password?


Yes. You will need to jailbreak the target iPhone to install the spy app and monitor it. But SpyX app does offer you a way to monitor the device without jailbreak, although you will need to know the Apple ID and password for the device.


Q4. Where can I view data from the monitored device?


You can view your target’s phone data on your SpyX user dashboard, which you can access using any browser of any device.


Q5. How often do you get updates from the target iPhone?


The frequency of updates depends on the iCloud sync settings. If the iPhone is syncing information to iCloud every 24 hours, that’s how frequently you should expect to get updates on your SpyX user dashboard.


Part 5. Conclusion


And that's the end of this article! I believe it can help you resolve your confusion about whether you can spy on someone's iPhone just by knowing their phone number. Currently, it's very difficult to spy on someone's iPhone just by their phone number. If you want to spy on someone's iPhone without them knowing and without installing any software on the target iPhone, SpyX is your best choice.

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