How to Hack Into Someone's Phone Camera

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Hacking someone's phone camera is a technical work, which requires professional technical knowledge, and it is difficult for ordinary people to do it. But for ordinary people, some strategies can be adopted to achieve, such as using third-party spying app, like SpyX. This article mainly focus on how to hack into someone's phone camera and related information. Go ahead for more details about hacking into someone's phone camera.


Hack into Someone's Phone Camera


Part 1. Why Hack into Someone's Phone Camera

It has a number of reasons that you want to hack into someone's phone camera. We conclude the main reasons into three categories.


For parents, they hack phone camera to make sure whether child faces some difficulties, such as cyber violence, getting a hacked mailbox, or receiving pornographic violence-related text, pictures, videos, etc. They do things like this for the safety of their child's life.


For spouse,they want to know if their partner is true to themselves or flirting with others.


For employers, they want to monitor employees' phone camera to make sure they work hard during work hours or chat online.


Part 2. How to Hack into Someone's Phone Camera

It is not an easy thing to hack into someone’s phone camera. It requires relevant technical support. But if you can take advantage of some third-party APP, you can do it easily. The following section is some great ways you can easily track someone's phone.


Method 1. Through an IP Webcam

You can hack someone's phone camera in a number of ways. Tracking someone's phone via IP Webcam is a common method. First, you need to install the App on the other party's phone. Then you can use their camera to monitor their activities, their location, what they're doing, etc. Here are the detailed steps to hack into someone's phone camera using IP Webcam:


1. Install IP Webcam on the target phone, then launch the app.

2. Go to the start serve option and click on live streaming. You can see the IP address of the target phone.

3. Enter the IP address of the target phone on your browser. Then the browser will take you to the target’s phone camera.


Method 2. Though Third-Party Spy App and Software


1. SpyX Phone Tracker

SpyX is the best phone tracking app in the market. It has strong tracking features, such as social media tracking, GPS location tracking, email tracking, photo and video tracking, text messages tracking, etc. SpyX also enable you to track someone’s camera activities too. With user-friendly interface, 24/7 customer support, powerful tracking features, easy use, SpyX becomes the king among thousands of spy apps.


Provides Data Backup Services

Provides Customer support 24/7

The subscription plan is affordable.

It runs in stealth mode, so the target won't know that they are being hacked or spied.

Jailbreaking is not needed.

supported in both iPhone and Android.

To hack or spy on the target device, you don't need to install this app on the target's phone. Which makes the operation process very simple.


Follow the steps to track target phone with SpyX:


Step 1. Take few seconds to create a free account


Hack into Someone's Phone Camera


Step 2. Choose your suitable plan


choose suitable plan


Step 3. Bind target phone with SpyX


Hack into Someone's Phone Camera


Step 4. Relaxed to track target phone with SpyX


Hack into Someone's Phone Camera

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2. FlexiSPY

FlexiSpy is another great spy app. You can use FlexiSPY to track GPS locations, photos, videos, text messages and other phone activities. FlexiSPY is compatible with iOS devices and Android. Compared with SpyX, the big disadvantage of FlexiSPY is that you need to jailbreak the target phone if you use this app.


Runs in the background.

Hides the App icon.

It can access a camera and can take photos and videos from it.

It provides a call recording feature.

Provides money back features




3. Cocospy

Cococspy is an ideal app for parental control. Parents use Cocospy to monitor children's phone activities and ensure their safety. Cocospy provides phone tracking features as activity tracking, location tracking, social media tracking, etc. It also includes camera roll viewing, call logs, SMS tracking, etc. Cocospy is very popular because of compact interface, easy operation and reasonable price.


It doesn't require rooting or jailbreaking.

You can sign in quickly.

24/7 Customer Support available

Affordable subscription plan




4. Minspy

Minspy is a reliable phone tracker available for iPhone and Android device. With Minspy, you can track location, social media, text messages, phone calls, multiple files, etc. You can also capture photos from the targeted phone’s camera using this App. With Minspy, you don't need to jailbreak or root the target phone.


It has a personalized Dashboard.

Provides Data Backup feature

Provides Data Security feature

Installation is not needed.

It can be used on a browser.




5. eyeZy

eyeZy is a perfect phone tracker for spying and tracking. You can get various tracking features from eyeZy, such as phone activity tracking, location tracking, multimedia tracking, photos tracking. And you can enjoy these tracking features at reasonable price.


You can customize its dashboard.

Provides features like camera access

Provides features like App Blocking

They support Android as well as IOS devices.




Part 3. How to Know If Your Phone Camera Is Hacked

How do we know if cell phones are being tracked? Many tracking software runs in hidden mode, and people usually can't find that their phones are already being monitored. But you can find out with some tips if your phone is being tracked.


1. Slow phone performance

Hacking can influence the performance of phone. If your phone is hacked, your phone slows down and can’t perform as well as before.


2. The battery remains hot

If your phone is hacked, the spying app runs in the background of your phone all the time, thus the battery of your phone will remain hot.


3. Strange Apps

Once you find strange apps on your phone, you should be cautious. You phone maybe hacked by the app. The first thing for you is to uninstall strange apps.


4. If your phone behaves weirdly

If your phone has some other problems, maybe it is hacked by others. Hacking results in weird actions and you need to check apps and setting of your phone.


Part 4. How to Avoid Getting Hacked

There are some methods for you to avoid hacking. You can take the following tips.


1. Never leave your phone alone

You should never leave your phone alone, because others will install spy app on your phone. For some spy app with stealth mode, you will never find it.


2. Install Antivirus

It is a helpful method to install antivirus for avoid hacking. Because it can scan and detect the spying app on your phone and remove it.


3. Manage WIFI Security

Pay attention to public free Wi-Fi. Many hackers will hack your phone though public Wi-Fi or network.


4. Manage Bluetooth Security

Managing Bluetooth security is also vital as maintaining WIFI security. Always connect your device to protected Bluetooth to avoid hacking or spying.


5. Regularly Delete Browsing history, cookies and caches

You must regularly delete your browsing history, cookies, and caches it avoids the chances of someone hacking you.


Part 5. Conclusion

People have many reasons for hacking someone's phone camera. For parents, they track children's phone to ensure children's safety; for lover, they track partner's phone to ensure whether the other is cheating; for employers, they track employees’ phone to ensure company's data and productivity. You can take methods to hack someone's




Q1. Is it possible to monitor a smartphone without accessing it?

Yes, you can track a smartphone without accessing it even once. For this, you need to know the linked iCloud account details of the device and the cloud backup should be on.


Q2. Are the spy apps undetectable and invisible on the target device?

Yes, most of the best spy apps support a stealth mode, which makes them hard to detect by any standard user. This means they can track the target device without letting the targeted user know about their presence.


Q3. Is it legal to use a spy app on any devices?

The exact legality of using a spy app would depend on the state or country you are residing in. To avoid any legal complications, you can install the app on a device that is owned by you and can later give it to your kids or employees. You can also include a section for using spy apps in the employment agreement in advance.


Q4. Which Is the best spy app I can use for iPhone?

While SpyX might be a bit more expensive than others, it has to be the best spy app for iPhone. You don’t need install app on the target phone or jailbreak the device.


Q5. Do I need to root or jailbreak the device to track it?

Ideally, it would depend on the type of tracking app that you are using. Most Android trackers will not need root access. And if you choose SpyX phone tracker, then jailbreaking is not needed.

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