How to Bug A Phone without Touching It

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Have you ever heard about bugging a mobile? Or, in your acquaintance, someone's cell phone got bugged. Have you ever wondered how to bug someone's phone? Do you want to know how to bug a cell phone? Does it naturally raise a question is bugging legal? What if you get caught spying on someone? Will it ruin your relationship with that person? How hurtful is this for that person that you don't trust? Having all these questions in their place, you still want to bug. Before answering all those queries, let us begin learning what is bugging?


Bug Phone without Touching It


Part 1. What Does Bugging A Phone Mean

Unlike movies, bugging is not about putting a bug inside a phone or any device. Instead, you can bug a phone by using many spy apps. You can spy on all the activities—even the visited locations. For example, bugging a phone means you are monitoring someone's devices and all social media activities without consent.


Part 2. Is Bugging Legal?

Any action without permission is illegal. Since bugging is an act that is done without permission, it raises questions about the violation of privacy. Likewise, intruding into someone's business is an illegal move.


However, bugging has a legal way too. For example, if you are a parent who wants to save your children from cyberattacks and other harmful effects of social media, then bugging is legal. However, being the boss of your company, it is your responsibility you should not leak any confidential information then. Therefore, bugging your employees' devices is not illegal.


Tracking a cheating partner provides you with all rights to spy without permission and let you know. For other reasons, if you are bugging a phone, it is illegal officially and morally.


Part 3. Top 6 Best Spying Apps to Bug A Phone

If you have intended to bug a phone, you can do it with spy apps. There are many apps with different features. Just choose the right one which suits your budget and requirements. Following are some of the best spy apps.


1. SpyX

For bugging a phone, no app is better than SpyX. It is a top-rated app. Its unique features make a difference. So you don't have to worry about your kids, employees, or partner. Every person is under your observation through this app.


• Calls

All incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded. So keeping an eye on the targeted person is much easier than you think.



What is better than reading all received and sent messages of the person whose phone you are bugging. You can read even the deleted messages.



Imagine when you get to know each visited location by your targeted person while sitting on your bed. Yes, SpyX has this feature also.


• Browse History

Browsing history is like you have the key to the kingdom. You would know all websites and social media apps browsed by the targeted person.


• Messengers

You can reach their WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram accounts through this feature. Monitoring their activities and new friends is all so easy to observe.


• Photos and Videos

All sent and received photos and videos can be tracked effortlessly.


• Other Activities

Other activities like email, calendar, marked events, Installed apps, and can track WiFi networks through SpyX.


The outstanding features of this app make it the top-rated app. The customer service is available 24/7. SpyX is compatible with Android and iOS. It works in the background, so there is zero chance of being detected.


Once you install it, the information is automatically safe in your control panel. In iOS, it takes 24 hours to receive the information. For Android, it depends on the setup of your control panel.


Moreover, if the targeted person switches to other devices, you will still get the information through SpyX without paying any additional subscription fee.


2. MobileSpy

Mobilespy also offers many features which facilitate bugging. Going through the targeted device is also very easy after installing this app. It offers economical packages. Once installed, you are good to go tracking your targeted person's activities and whereabouts.


It has very strong remote tracking. The features of this app are as follows:


• Calls tracking

• SMS and IM chat tracking

• GPS history and live location

• Social media monitoring

• Geo-fence

• Photos and videos monitoring

• Alerts and notifications


3. Spyera

Spyera is another masterpiece in the world of spy apps. It offers a wide range of features. Some of them are:


• Live call recording and call listening

• Surrounding recordings and listenings

• Facebook, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime call recordings

• Keylogger

• Screenshot of apps

• Tracking of call logs


You can get all the targeted person's activities on your Web account. The Control panel is very easy to use and provides all the data from the targeted person's device in one report. In addition, you can browse through different categories.


4. Flexispy

The motto of Flexispy app is, "Know Everything That Happens on A Computer or Smartphone, No Matter Where You Are".


It is a popular spy app with more than 150 features. Some of them are:


• Parental Control Software

• Employee Monitoring

• Direct Device Delivery

• Introducing FlexiSPY SPY SHOP


Installation is also very handy. However, before installing, you should look for a suitable package.


5. The OneSpy

Onespy claims to have 98% customer satisfaction. It is a legitimate app that gives bank-level encryption. Following are some of the features:


• Track contacts

• Call recording

• Track location

• Browse History

• Stealth mode


Millions of people are using this app. It is installed in more than 190 countries.


6. Highster mobile

It is also a trusted and reliable software. Bugging a phone through this app is very comfy. Like all other spy apps, it is also compatible with Android and iPhone.


The features it offers are:


• Monitoring of SMS

• Tracking GPS location

• Live control panel

• Tracking of messages

• Tracking of photos and videos

• Monitoring calls

• Browse history


Installation of highster mobile is simple. Download it, activate it, and start accessing.


Final Thoughts

How to bug someone's cell phone? You can solve this query through many spy apps. These apps facilitate bugging a phone. Bugging is illegal, but if you are a parent, employer, or spouse, is it legal to learn how to bug a phone? Spy apps have almost the same features, and installation is also quick. Among all the spy apps, SpyX is outstanding. From installation to getting benefits from all the features, everything is perfect.


Bugging is tracking someone's device without their permission. So yes, it is illegal if you are bugging an adult's device without his permission. Let's come to the legal terms. Being responsible for something if you intend to fulfill your responsibility, then bugging is legal. If you are a parent or employer or in a relationship with someone, spying on your subordinates and partner is legal.

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