Is Tubi Safe for Your Kids

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Hate watching movies that or tv shows that convinces you to subscribe and pay monthly if you’re not using it every month? Well good thing Tubi exists. Here, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about Tubi website. It’s a free to watch and no need to pay anything just help them earn by watching the advertisements and commercials.





Part 1. What is Tubi?

Tubi is a web-based entertainment service that shows widely released and lesser-known free movies and TV shows. It has the usual topics such, but it also has a LGBTQ character, shows that are not on Netflix and including award nominated films. Tubi also has categories that offers family movies, kids show, programs for preschoolers and even development-oriented shows for babies. It can also be your platform whenever you are live. It’s just like you are on Facebook but only focused on movies, TV shows and you can go live too. Tubi isn’t just like the subscription apps. You can watch Tubi without even registering and you can directly pick on what you want to watch. Tubi gives you only advertisements and commercials to gain revenue. It’s a great way to enjoy watching movies and TV shows for free. All you need to do is just sit through and let the in between commercial breaks. Amazing, right?


Part 2. What content is available on Tubi?

In this exciting part, here’s everything you need to know about Tubi and its perks.


1. Is Tubi free?

Yes, you heard it right! It’s free. This isn’t like any other apps that’s requiring you to subscribe to them and pay every month, it’s super 100% free. It gives you the option to watch movies, TV shows and even go live! All you need to do is just by watching the ads and in between commercials. It’s like you watching on YouTube but more on the Netflix or Hulu that’s free and no need to show money. Which is a plus for everyone!


2. Is Tubi legal?

Yes. Tubi is not only free but legal as well. That’s why they include in their streaming application ads to generate money along with their partners such as MGM, Lionsgate and Paramount that provides them movies and TV series.


3. Is Tubi TV worth it?

If you’re a movie lover and don’t like to download or pay anything, this is the best app that it can give you. Don’t spend your time on looking illegal sites or even download them when you can just stream it and enjoy watching at the same time supporting app too.


4. Is Tubi safe for your kids?

If you have kids who are underaged, it’s safe but it still needs to have an adult supervised. The app will be based on the timezone as it has an adult hour – it’s assuming that after some certain hours, adults can watch movies that are on a rated parental guidance required or something rated 18 and above.


Part 3. What are some of the features of Tubi that make it safe for kids?

If you want your kids to watch Tubi and with the power of parental control feature and what your kids can enjoy.


1. Tubi has no advertising in the kid’s section.

Your kids can enjoy fully watching their favorite movies or TV series as for this section, there’s no advertising. It has a wide library for your kids to enjoy on a limited time but check out some awesome series and movies for them to enjoy on the weekends or part of the family bonding.


2. Tubi has a curated library of content for Kids.

Since Tubi also cares for kids and family matters, they created a bunch of library content for kids to enjoy and for families too.


3. Tubi offers Parental Controls.

Tubi has the option to help parents modify and set up their parental control settings. It can give you options to appropriate viewing age for Tubi. If you have an iPad and would like to monitor your kids’s activity on the device, you can also use SpyX! It can help you not only monitor parental control remotely but can also help you monitor their activity and what have they been searching whenever unsupervised.


SpyX phone tracker



 Features of SpyX Parental Control App


Check Photos and Videos – you can have full access on their gallery, downloads and received photos including the location of the photo.


Read SMS / MMS – read all text messages sent or received by the user including the deleted ones.


Track Calls – SpyX let’s you view all call logs with their names, duration, date and the time of the call took place.


Browse iCloud – for iOS users, they’re giving you the full access on their iCloud device including contacts, text messaged, installed photos and videos.


GPS location tracker – easy to track the location of your kid’s device whenever you’re not around.


Spy notes and calendars – get information on their calendar activity, notes and be fully aware on important events.


View Emails – you can check and read their emails without the need to sign up on your device to access it!


This is available for iOS and it has a very affordable subscription options too. SpyX is a great way not only monitor what your kids have been watching but their activities as well.


How to Use SpyX to Set Parental Control on Child's Phone?


Step 1.  Sign up Free with Valid Email





Step 2. Add iCloud Details




Step 3. Start Monitoring Your Child's Phone





Part 4. Conclusion

You can let your kids watch Tubi since it’s a free app and it’s easy to modify and turn on the parental controls and along with SpyX the app too. You can either let them watch unsupervised or supervise them as it still needs to have a parental guidance since it has matured content and a wide of variety of genres to watch.

Parental Control

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