How to Hack Someone's Phone Remotely for Free

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More people search for how to hack someone’s phone remotely for free, they want to find effective methods to spy on someone’s phone remotely. For parents, they want to track children’s activities to ensure their safety; for spouse, they want to make sure whether partner is loyal; for employees, they want to know whether employers are focused on the work during office hours. Whatever reasons for hacking someone’s phone remotely for free, you are so lucky to read this article to get effective ways.


hack someone's phone remotely



Part 1. How to Hack Someone’s Phone Remotely

In this part, we will introduce 4 methods to hack someone’s phone remotely. You don’t need to test methods in the market one by one. We have pick 4 best ways based on price, operation, function, service. Let’s start with top 1 phone tracker-SpyX.


1. Use SpyX-The Best Phone Tracker You Deserve


If you're looking for a good cell phone tracking software, then SpyX is what you need. SpyX is designed for remote monitoring. It is compatible with all iPhones. So you don’t worry about the phone compatibility. As a all-in-one phone tracking solution, you can use SpyX to track all activities on the target phone, such as text messages, phone calls, emails, photos, ect. SpyX support to track more than 40 types of data.





Features of SpyX


View SMS and iMessages

With SpyX phone tracker, you can view all messages on the target phone without any restrictions. Whatever sent messages, received messages, deleted messages, you can access all messages easily. With SpyX, you will not miss out any essential text messages on the target phone. You can know who they are talking to and what they are talking about.


Monitor 19+ Social Media Apps

SpyX can be used to monitor installed apps on the target phone, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Kik, Snapchat and other apps. You can view text messages, photos, files shared via social media apps.


Location Tracking

With SpyX, you can also track target’s location in real time as well as location history. Then you can know where the target user is and get to know the movements in the past few days. You can view GPS locations with two mode, List View and Map View.


View Browsing History

SpyX enables you to view browsing history on the target phone. Go to SpyX dashboard and click Browser History on the left column, you can get to know what browser the target visits and what links the user click. This is very important for parental control. Parents can know what web content their children browse and whether it is safe to get online.



Are you struggled to find out different passwords for accessing different applications of target phone? SpyX can capture all keys that are entered on the target phone. If you want to get passcode for some app, you can use SpyX to acquire passcode without hassle.


Remote Control

With SpyX, you can hack the target phone remotely. You don’t need to access the target phone physically to track activities, because you just login to SpyX dashboard and view all activities on the target phone. Try SpyX to hack an iPhone remotely for free!


What Makes SpyX The Best Phone Tracker?


User-friendly Interface

The operation of SpyX is very simple. Even you are not tech-savvy, you can finish all setting steps by yourself successfully. SpyX is so easy to use that you can hack someone’s phone remotely for free without any difficult.


No Jailbreaking or Rooting Is Required

Only three steps are required for SpyX to hack someone’s phone remotely. You don’t need to finish complex jailbreaking or rooting. This makes the whole process easier.


Works on All iPhone

SpyX works well with all iOS devices. You don’t worry about phone compatibility. You can even use Android to hack someone’s iPhone with SpyX. Because SpyX is kind of online service. You just login to your SpyX and start monitoring with any browser.


24/7 Customer Support

SpyX support 24/7 customer service. Whatever question you have, you feel relaxed to send email to [email protected] or ask for help though online chat. You will get immediate and professional reply from customer support. Because SpyX always holds the principle of customer first.


Steps to Use SpyX

The following part will show you how to hack someone’s phone remotely with SpyX.


Step 1. Register Free

You need to visit first, click “TRY NOW” button and create a free account with your valid email.




Step 2. Set up

After signing up, you purchase a suitable plan. Then, get iCloud credentials of target phone.




Step 3. Start Monitoring

Go to your SpyX dashboard and you can view all activities on the target phone.






2. Midnigh Raid-Hack a Phone without Having Access to It

You can take the other person's phone while he is asleep and send a text message to the target phone, "You're being hacked," so the internet explorer is invoked. You launch an app on the target phone, and you will receive a text message containing the credentials of the target phone, such as an IMSI number and a unique ID. You can access any information you want to know.


3. Control Message Attacks-Hack Someone’s Phone without Touching It

This is another method you can use to hack someone’s phone without touching it. You can send a control message to the target phone. It allows you to access the settings of the target phone. You can control the settings without anyone knowing.


4. Pishing-Hack A Phone without Having Access to It

You can hack someone’s phone by pishing. You have to build a fake website first. After the target users visit the fake website, you can get their personal information, such as their certificate. After that you can hack into their cell phone.


Part 2. Signs That Your Phone Has Been Hacked

Once you know how to remotely monitor someone else's phone, you also need to know how to tell if your phone is being monitored.


If your phone is being monitored, there are some signs. Such as:


Your phone uses a lot of power.


Your phone is making strange noises.


Your phone consumes a lot of data.


Your account is suddenly inaccessible.


You will receive some verification code or authorization text message


Part 3. How to Protect Your Phone from Hackers?

Hackers are not always omnipotent, and there are steps we can take to prevent them if we pay more attention in our lives.


It is best not to use the same account for all accounts. It is safest to change the following passwords over time.


Do not use the default password. Because hackers can get default password.


It is best not to download software or apps from location-based websites. Because there are many fake websites that can take your personal information, such as certificates, and attack your computer or mobile phone.


When you get an email with a link, don't click on it because pishing is a popular hack. 


Part 4. Conclusion

After learning effective methods to hack someone’s phone remotely, which method is the best? Obviously SpyX is the best. It is easy-to-use, 100% secure and reliable, you can us SpyX to hack someone’s phone without anyone knowing.

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