How to Hack An iPhone Remotely without Them Knowing

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It is rather impossible to hack into an iPhone using organic methods. A user who wants to hack into an iPhone must do it using third-party software such as SpyX. Although this paid service can allow user to hack into an iPhone without the need to download software or physically access the target phone, it still requires access to the iCloud credentials of the target. Except for SpyX, we also provide other spy apps.


Hack An iPhone Remotely without Them Knowing



Part 1. Why Should You Use A Spy App to Hack An iPhone Remotely


Spy app is the most effective way to hack an iPhone remotely. Many parents want to hack their underage children’s iPhone. They want to know whether their children browse explicit content, experience cyberbullying, chat with strangers online. Parents worry about the children’s safety. For employers, they want to know whether employees are focusing the work or send emails to other for private data.


Part 2. How to Hack An iPhone Remotely with A Spy App


If you want to hack into someone’s iPhone for data, never hesitate to choose professional spy app. It is the most efficient method to hack an iPhone remotely.


1. SpyX Phone Tracker


SpyX is a powerful new spy app. It is designed for parental control and surveillance market. With SpyX, you can monitor children’s iPhone anonymously. This phone tracking app enables you track the following activities:


● Track login and outgoing phone calls;


● Track sent and received text messages, even deleted;


● Browse recipient and send information and specific date;


● Show photos and the location of photos;


● Track calendars, events, reminders and notes;


● Track GPS locations;


Wit SpyX, you don't need to install app on target device or jailbreak target iPhone. Just follow the steps to start monitoring iPhone with SpyX.


Step 1. Create free account with valid email.




Step 2. Choose suitable subscription plan as 1 month, 3 months, 12 months.




Step 3. Verify the iCloud of target iPhone with Apple ID and password.




Step 4. Login SpyX account, go to SpyX dashboard. And you can monitor all activities on target iPhone.





2. mSpy Monitoring App


mSpy is easy to use. You can use mSpy to track someone’s iPhone totally invisible to the user. They will never know they are monitored. It is good app for tech-savvy users that require greated control over the target device.




mSpy has a lot of tracking features:


Call Logs

All Text Messages

Social Media Monitoring

Search History


Compatible with all versions of Android and iOS


3. FlexiSpy


FlexiSpy is user-friendly as other apps that can hack an iPhone remotely, and the website and interface keeps dated. It is able to take pictures or video on the target iPhone, as well as activate the microphone to turn the hacked phone into a live room bug.




4. uMobix


uMobix is easy and fast to use. It has all standard features you would expect to find. And uMobix app provides access to social media apps, including Tinder, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram, Zoom, Skype, Tiktok, and Snapchat.


The disadvantage of uMobix is that once you have hacked into the phone, you can use it not only for surveillance, but also for changing device settings like disabling Wi-Fi or restricting what apps can open. This is not secure for target iPhone.




5. EyeZy


EyeZy offers a wide range of advanced capabilities. It can track pictures and videos on the target device, track location and create restricted areas for children, keep stealth mode to ensure that the target is unaware you are monitoring them.





Easy to use

Totally hidden

Fast installation

GPS tracking

Access to all social media apps



Not quite as powerful as SpyX


6. Highster Mobile


If you're looking for an app that provides real-time updates and information on the target iPhone, Highster Mobile is a pretty good choice. You can use this app to hack an iPhone without having to connect it to your computer or laptop directly.


Highster Mobile


7. Mobilestealth


Mobistealth comes with a Remote Control Panel that allows you to access everything on the device, including the address book, call logs, text messages, and photos. You are able to view a live camera stream remotely using Mobistealth's free software.




8. CocoSpy


Cocospy is one of the best tools available. This app uses the Administrator account on the target device to allow you to remotely monitor its activities and text messages without any issues.




Part 3. What Makes SpyX the Best Hacking App


SpyX has powerful features which make it overpower other phone spying apps.


1. Reasonable price


We have three subscription plans for you, 1 month plan, 3 months plan, 12 months plan. You can choose proper plan based on your needs.


2. No Jailbreak


SpyX is based on iCloud storage. What you need is Apple ID and password. That means you don’t need install app on target iPhone or jailbreak the target iPhone.


3. Friendly interface


SpyX dashboard is very clear and simple. It shows the a series of data and you just click the menu to find the data that you want to track. You can view demo for more details.


4. Customer service


We provide 24/7 customer service. For any problems, just feel easy to send the question though live chat or email [email protected].


5. Secure and reliable


SpyX is the most trusted and reliable phone spying app. Because it respects your phone’s security and details as well as the security of the person you’re hacking. Only you can access that person’s phone, and it doesn’t leave their phone vulnerable to hacking attacks.


Part 4. How to Hack into an iPhone From A Computer


It's simple: all you need to do is obtain iTunes credentials of the target iPhone device, log in to their account, and install the monitoring app SpyX remotely on it.


On your computer, you can log into your SpyX online user account and view the activity taking place inside the target iPhone. From call logs to SMS’s to emails to location history to web browsing history, each activity of the target iPhone will be recorded and transported to your online user account, letting you keep tabs on the target iPhone.


Part 5. How to Protect Your iPhone from Being Hacked


Here are 7 tips for you to protect your iPhone from being hacked.


Tips 1. Avoid clicking suspicious links


Tips 2. Don’t download shady apps


Tips 3. Use a strong password


Tips 4. Don’t jailbreak your iPhone


Tips 5. Keep your iPhone up-to-date


Tips 6. Be wary of intimate partner hacks


Tips 7. Watch out for targeted attacks


Part 6. How to Tell If Your iPhone Has Been Hacked


You can monitor your iPhone for these common signs that it has been hacked.


1.  Unusual activity

2. New contacts added to your phonebook

3. Changes on the lock screen or home screen

4. New apps added with access to the camera

5. Changes to settings

6. Abnormal short battery life


Part 7. What to Do When Your iPhone Has Been Hacked


If you suspect that your iPhone might have been remotely hacked, check your security settings to see if someone is using iCloud credentials or jailbreaking it. If you notice any changes to these two settings that you haven't authorized, you should seek assistance from a local expert who can assist you in removing the malicious app.


Part 8. Is It Legal to Hack Someone’s iPhone Remotely


The legality of using a remote hack on an iPhone varies greatly by country, but it is generally only legal if the phone is yours or if you have the owner's permission.


You should only remotely monitor someone's iCloud account if they ask you to do so and only consider using spyware like SpyX if you have been been given the permission of the owner of the device and the user you will be watching.


When you suspect your spouse is cheating, it's easy to let your curiosity and jealousy take over, but we recommend consulting a lawyer before secretly accessing any electronic device. Before you do anything risky, make sure you understand your legal situation.


For your underage children, you have total power to track their iPhone without them knowing. What you do is to protect your children’s safety.


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