How to Check Cell Phone Call History Online?

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If you want to keep in touch with your closed one, here is the solution. Yes, you do not need to be physically present with your closed one to view their activities. There are many apps available in the market these days to search cell phone call history online for free. These apps are designed in such a way that, you can trace out any details like cell phone call history online, messages and etc. If you have downloaded this app into the target person’s mobile, each and every detail of that person will be tracked in your mobile. However, it is also necessary to check with the comfortableness level of app with your mobile phone.


Check Cell Phone Call History Online



Part 1: How to Check My Cell Phone Call History?

Now, it becomes very easy to view cell phone history. Just be relaxed. This section will answer your queries on how to check my cell phone call history. With these steps, you can instantly view the call history of your cell phone. Call logs will be displayed in an order. You will get additional details like contact names, phone numbers, time, call duration, cell phone call history and types of calls.


How to View Phone Records?

This is a challenging thing; you can only keep a limited track about phone records in your mobile, probably for a few days. However, we will tell you that how to check my cell phone call history is possible easily by following any of the below mentioned tips.


There are many ways to Get Phone Records and how to check my cell phone call history through your own phone records or through your service provider. Let's go through a few of them below


When you receive the cell phone bill on a monthly basis, you will get the activities of cell phone with the charge for the calls. Here you can view your cell phone call history.


The next solution could be to sign it to the service provider of cell phone in website through your account. Register formally and you will get the password to the iPhone for the confirmation. Login to the website using username and password. Choose the option “Billing and Payment”. Now select the “Call history” and you can check your call history.


billing and payment


If you want the past 8 months call history, you can call or request your service provider for cell phone to send. You will get the printed record either in mail or courier.


call history


In case you have a prepaid number, getting history of your cell phone may be cumbersome as some service providers need written request for same or even some deny until a court order and a written confirmation that you are the owner of the phone number. The request has to include your complete name, address, phone number and also the IMEI number of your cell phone. The requirements may vary from one service provider to the other.


Part 2: How to Check Other Cell Phone’s Call History?

Checking the cell phone call history sometimes becomes necessary. However it is not an easy thing. How can you get the call logs details of other cell phone, if both of you are being at different places. If you have any doubt on your closed one’s activities and you want to immediately find out the contact list of that person, here is your solution.  Tracing is the only way to does cell phone call history online free app. Keep in mind that, they should not come to know that, you are going to trace them. Being careful in this thing is very important. There are two methods with which you can trace out the cell phone’s call history without their knowledge.


Method 1: View someone’s cell phone call history with Phone Spy Tool:

With this method, you should download Spy tool into the target phone’s cell phone call history. This Spy tool stores the cell phone call history online free app of the target mobile. You can view them instantly in your mobile and you will get the information regarding how to check my cell phone call history? 



· Download App.

· Register App.

· Log into Dashboard

· Execute Remote commands.


call history


Method 2 – How to view other’s cell phone call history with SpyX?

SpyX is the best app to trace out the call history. SpyX software lets you view the complete history of all calls including incoming, outgoing including phone numbers, contact names, date, time and duration. How to check my cell phone call history? View all voice call logs. As tracking software, it enables you to access to the phone’s call logs. At the end, you can confirm the contact information of your target. As an add-on service, it also provides the ways to get the phone number to which the target person has called, days, date and time duration. You will get the whole history of the target person via IM. Some person may not be true to the closed ones. In order to overcome the fear about our closed one, just install this cell phone call history online free app into your device.



It is important to keep the app as invisible to the target person. They shouldn’t know that you are tracing their details. This SpyX app allows you to do that easily and learn to know how to check my cell phone call history? 


· It helps the Organizations.

· It enables you to know even if they deleted something from their mobile.


Steps to Use SpyX Phone Tracker:


Step 1. Visit from the trusted website. Click TRY NOW button to create a free account with a valid email.




Step 2. Go to purchase a suitable plan and bind the target phone with iCloud credentials (target phone).




Step 3. Go for the calls option to view your call log history or other’s call log history.






Now, don’t worry about the safety of your children. If you have finished the downloading process of SpyX, you will get the whole cell phone call history of the second person right on your finger tips.

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Disclaimer: SPYX'S SOFTWARE INTENDED FOR LEGAL USE ONLY. You are required to notify users of the device that they are being monitored. Failure to do so is likely to result .....

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