How to Hack WhatsApp Using Phone Number

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Although WhatsApp's encryptions and security are strict, bypassing them ethically is necessary for genuine parents. With the advent of technology, you can hack WhatsApp with a phone number. It is also possible for hackers to hack WhatsApp accounts without using a target phone. In order to protect your child's vulnerable stage, every parent has a right to know who they are texting, talking to, or sharing pictures with. That is why we came up with a solution to make your job easy. In this article, we describe how to intercept WhatsApp messages online using several monitoring apps.


Hack WhatsApp Using Phone Number


Part 1. How to Hack WhatsApp with Apps

People can hack WhatsApp accounts for a good reason. Parents must know the activity of their children's WhatsApp accounts out of concern for their safety and to find out who their friends are. It is ethical as long as you do it for your safety or the safety of someone else. Let us get into the details of different methods to hack WhatsApp with the phone number.


1. SpyX

As a mobile phone spying application, SpyX allows you to monitor a target mobile phone remotely. By using this app actively, you will receive information regarding locations visited, instant messages, social media activities, and phone calls. Unlike other apps, this one works completely in the background on the target device which makes it almost impossible to detect by the user. No need to install app on the target phone, the software is also reliable and works on both iOS and Android smartphones. Furthermore, you can analyze the activities performed on the target device in detail.


FeaturesPricing Plans

● Tracks calls and text message

● Monitors Social media

● Provides location tracking

● Tracks browser history

● Allows you to block website or application

● $48.99/mo for a month

● $27.99/mo for 3 months

● $11.66/mo for 12 months


With SpyX, it is easy and convenient to track whatsapp messages of target phone remotely.


Step 1. Create account free with valid email.




Step 2. Choose suitable plan.


pick up your plans


Step 3. Connect target phone with SpyX.




Step 4. Login to Control Dashboard to start monitoring.




2. Cocospy

Cocospy is another popular app by which you can monitor any iPhone, iPad, or Android device. (Note: Make sure that device must support Android version 4 or higher). It is totally undetectable and runs in the background. The Android app uses only 2MB of space and consumes a limited amount of battery power. With just one click, you can remotely uninstall this app in stealth mode. There are three steps for tracking WhatsApp messages. First, you need to create your account, then connect with the target device. At last, you can start tracking.


FeaturesPricing Plans

● Track SMS and WhatsApp

● Location and GPS .

● 100% Undetectable.

● Fully compatible with iOS and Android.

● $39.99/mo for a month





3. uMobix

uMobix is a trustworthy choice that assures you to give your kids a safe, scam-free, and healthy online experience. The best thing about uMobix is that it's legally recognized. Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp are just a few of the popular social media and instant messaging apps that uMobix can monitor. This parental control app is easy to install and smooth to operate.


FeaturesPricing Plans

● Monitors WhatsApp messages

● Restricts inappropriate websites and apps

● Tracks call history and messages

● GPS Location Tracker

● View deleted information

● One month's basic plan costs $29.99, while one month's full plan costs $59.99.






You can monitor every action on Android and iOS devices with the help of It is made with superior real-time-connected technology with advanced tracking options. This app does not consume any battery. Your target will see no difference in the battery while you monitor their status. You can automatically connect to the target phone whenever it is turned on. You can observe your child's phone in real-time with a smart dashboard. The only requirement is that you have physical access to the phone for a single time. Moreover, it gives multiple payment options such as Paypal, Bitcoin, Credit Card, and Bank Wire.


FeaturesPricing Plans

● Spy on WhatsApp messages

● Tracks live GPS-Location in Real-Time

● Gives access to camera & microphone

● Access to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and others

● The basic plan starts from $19 per month while 3 months plan costs $49


5. eyeZy

The advanced monitoring features of eyeZy require jailbreaking iPhone devices in order to use. The app might also ask you to root the android device. But eyeZy has a section dedicated to monitoring the top social networks, emails, and text messages. You can start tracking with eyeZy by picking your plan and installing the app on the target device.


FeaturesPricing Plans

● Tracks live WhatsApp messages

● Monitors emails and contacts

● Tracks GPS locations

● WiFi Networks

● Offers connection blockers

● Access to browser history

● Provides magic alerts

● The basic plan starts from $47.99 per month






6. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is the easiest app for monitoring WhatsApp. With dazzling 4.28 starts by consumers, it has maintained its reputation for being the most reliable app. No application can match their impeccable customer service and support.


FeaturesPricing Plans

● Tracks SMS, calls, WhatsApp, & 30 Data Types

● Locates GPS

● Operates in invisible mode

● Supports all iOS and android devices

● The LITE version starts at $29.95/month and PREMIUM for $69/month






7. Spyier

The Spyier application protects over a million parents, employers, and people in relationships. You can track any location, calls, messages, and apps. It is a web-based application and is suitable for both android and iOS devices. It is secure and easy to navigate.


FeaturesPricing Plans

● Tracks SMS

● Spy on WhatsApp messages

● Tracks location

● Gives geofence Alert

● Tracks Facebook messages

● Stealth mode available

● Tracks Website History

● Tracks SIM Location

● 1-Month membership - $49.99

● 3-Month membership - $69.99

● 12-Month membership - $119.99






8. Highster Mobile

This WhatsApp spying app focuses on Apple and Android products and is marketed as an industry leader. With the app, you can monitor any device that has the software installed with a host of features. It is the easiest app to use and gets installed quickly on any device.


FeaturesPricing Plans

● Tracks Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat

● texts,

● Tracks calls, photos, and videos

● Monitors GPS location

● Offers free lifetime upgrades for android

● Basic version of Highster Mobile is $29.00




Highster Mobile


Part 2. How to Hack Someone's WhatsApp without using an App

In case you do not want to pay or feel safe trying these apps, there are other ways too. We have found some other ways by which you hack WhatsApp with the phone number.


1. Hacking WhatsApp Using Mobile Phone Number

For this process, you will need a verification code from the phone number you wish to spy on. The first thing you need to do is open WhatsApp on your mobile phone and enter your target device's phone number. Their WhatsApp account should be linked to this number. To log in your account you must enter the pin. You will get the pin code directly from the SMS sent to the target phone. Your device will now have full access to someone else's WhatsApp account once you enter the pin.


2. WhatsApp Hacking Using Chrome

This hacking has some limitations. To carry out this process you need to open your chrome browser and navigate to Check the target mobile device for QR codes. With WhatsApp conversion checking, you no longer have to install software on the target mobile device. The QR-scanning method, however, is only valid if you are able to access the target device.


3. Use of Spoofing Method Involving a Mac Device

If you wish to monitor a WhatsApp account, you first need to remove it from the target device. Then you can identify the target device's MAC address. On the target device, install the WhatsApp hacking tool with Busy Box and Terminal Emulator. Once this is done, you can replace Mac Wi-Fi addresses. The target person's device will then display the verification code. For accessing the target's WhatsApp account, use this encryption code on your device.


Part 3. How to Hack WhatsApp by Exporting Chat History

To hack WhatsApp by chat history you first need to open WhatsApp on your target device. Access the WhatsApp message you want by clicking three dots In the upper right corner. You will have the option of selecting without media or including media. As soon as you select one of the options, various destinations will appear, such as Messenger, Gmail, Drive, etc. Choose Gmail, and export the message to the selected email address.


Part 4. Why Should I Hack Someone's WhatsApp

1. Protect your children

2. Monitor your employees

3. Recover deleted WhatsApp messages




Q1. Is it possible to hack WhatsApp?

Yes. It is possible to hack WhatsApp in different ways. It can be hacked by phone number, chat history, or using third-party applications.


Q2. What is the best WhatsApp hacker?

So far SpyX is known for its best services when it comes to tracking phone calls and WhatsApp. It is popular among parents and spouses for its easy use and accurate information.


Q3. What is a two-step verification on WhatsApp?

You can add two-step verification to your WhatsApp account to increase security. Your account can be accessed only after you create and confirm a unique PIN.


Q4. How can I track someone on WhatsApp without them knowing?

Honestly, you have to play a little hide and seek. For any reliable tracking method, you will need access to the target phone. You have to play smart to not look suspicious.


Q5. How do I know if someone is checking me secretly on WhatsApp?

None of the third-party applications that are mentioned above can tell who viewed the target WhatsApp profile. They all remain in the background and your child will never come to know about the monitoring process.

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